Kate's Braces: Update 7

“I have now had my braces on for 8 months! I still have not had any broken brackets! =) Living with braces is a lot easier than I expected it to be. Although I have always loved my braces, now I can really see how easy to manage they are. My least favorite part of living with braces is after every time I eat, I have food in my braces and need to brush! While sometimes this is inconvenient, I realize that if I leave the food in my braces not only is it unattractive, it may turn to plaque and cause bad breath or cavities! Plus, I want A’s on my hygiene score I get at the appointment- so I need to make sure to brush often! My teeth are moving so quickly and so beautifully and I believe that is due to my hygiene. Stay tuned for more information about my pearly whites!”

-Kate, MK Orthodontics