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We just left MK ORTHONDONTICS after the removal of our braces. I now have two daughters who are showing off their new and improved beautiful smiles — minus the braces! As ALWAYS, the staff at MK’s is OUTSTANDING!


I would recommend this team to anyone at any age. I am a middle-aged woman who always wanted to have that perfect smile and I was very nervous about my first visit. Instantly I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. Everything was explained perfectly, from treatment to payments. I cannot wait to begin and have that perfect smile for my son’s wedding next year!


The office is clean, modern, and PURPLE! The office staff are courteous, patient, and all wear big smiles. Dr. Kleinlerer did a wonderful job explaining treatment & obviously impressed my son, who said she was ‘cool’ when we left. I would recommend MK Orthodontics to anyone. Keep up the excellent work!


Dr. Michal Kleinlerer went out of her way to explain how bone loss in my lower jaw affects whether or not braces are a good choice to deal with the crowding of my bottom front teeth. She is consulting with a periodontist to make sure her orthodontic recommendations will work in the long run. I appreciated that she wanted to really help me and provided excellent service.


MK, yourself and your staff always blow me away. I am constantly recommending my friends to you. When they mention they have another orthodontist, I truly feel bad for them as they are not getting the MK experience! Thank you all for being more than just an orthodontist office. My favorite memory is when Caleb was little, we were sitting in the waiting room waiting for Myles and MK came out and Caleb said ‘Look Mom, there is your friend.’ Even with his little mind he knew that MK Orthodontics was more than a dental office, it was full of our friends!


We have had a wonderful experience at this office. When we had our first visit Dr. Michal Kleinlerer was extremely helpful and descriptive of what needs to be done. Also, she explained how she would be doing each step as we went along. She even made the effort to call the first night he had his expander and braces on to check with him to make sure everything was doing well. The office is a nice, comfortable place to be. I love the quality of service there. Thank you, Dr. MK. You are wonderful.


From the moment we walked in the door at MK Orthodontics, we were immediately made to feel welcome. The hospitable atmosphere put my very nervous teenage daughter quickly at ease. We truly felt that everyone works together as a team along with us to ensure a positive experience and a great outcome. My daughter will be in braces for quite some time, and it is such a relief to know that we will look forward to our visits rather than dread them. Thanks to MK Orthodontics for making this so pleasant for us! Would recommend to ANYONE!!!


Yet another reason to LOVE your orthodontist and her office staff: MK has added FRESHLY MADE, HOT-OUT-OF-THE-OVEN COOKIES to the office experience! Just when you thought they went above and beyond, they just hit it OUT OF THE PARK! Thanks, MK and staff for being AWESOME.


My son has been visiting Dr. MK and her team for over two years now. The entire staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. We truly feel that we are a part of the family (which is great because we still have a long road ahead!). Thank you, MK Orthodontics!


My husband took my 10-year-old daughter to have an evaluation yesterday and was very impressed with the entire staff. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. Brooke felt very comfortable. They left the office smiling and looking forward to the follow-up appointment, seeing she still has two years before needing braces.


Friendliest office I have ever been to! Very good with children :)


The office is so nice, clean, and modern. Everyone is so helpful, friendly, and I feel like I’m getting state-of-the-art care. The cost is reasonable and the flexibility of your payment options make braces do-able for my son. Well done, everyone at MK Orthodontics!”


Dr. MK and her staff are the sweetest, kindest, and most caring individuals and are extremely intelligent. She has a wonderful set-up for the children to spend their time on iPads in the waiting room. They cater to children and have a wonderful set-up once taken for their procedures. I love her website that she has available to us. Her facility is light, bright, and inviting. Financially they are willing to help out in any way possible and are very accommodating. Her facility is connected to a pediatric dentist who is also fabulous! I would recommend him too!!! Their two offices work well with one another!


RJ is so comfortable there. ALL your staff is friendly and makes him very comfortable!! That is huge for us MOMs who want nothing but the best for our little ones!”


Everything about this office has exceeded our expectations! The warmth of the office and the personal touches are everywhere! From the welcome board in the waiting room to the fun and colorful decor, the option of email and online access, the emphasis on good dental health AND good nutrition at a level that is appropriate and understandable for my daughter. Even more importantly, we have been treated with respect and genuine interest and kindness and could not be happier. We can’t imagine going anywhere else!


Everyone in the office went out of their way to provide top-notch service. We were incredibly impressed! All healthcare providers could take a lesson from MK Orthodontics on providing an excellent patient experience.


Professional, courteous, and responsive. If you have orthodontic needs then you need MK Orthodontics!


The staff at MK Orthodontics is courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and very accommodating. They’re always available to answer any questions as well as take care of orthodontia emergencies should they arise. I wouldn’t dream of taking my kids anywhere else.


MK and all of the girls are absolutely amazing! Every time we have been at the office we have been treated above and beyond. It’s always a good feeling when you go into the office and can feel the positive energy and the love for their job!!!


We really enjoy going to Dr. MK for our daughter’s treatment. She is always treated with respect and like she is someone important. The office was awesome at helping us get some scheduling set up. Thanks again, and we refer you to everyone we talk to.


My son is a new patient of Dr. Kleinlerer and I could not be more pleased with everything pertaining to this office. The office is beautiful, inside and out, and everyone met us with a smile and understanding, from the first phone call to checking out. My son became upset when he learned what his treatment would be and Dr. Kleinlerer handled his concerns with compassion and respect


Best medical office experience. Staff are respectable and professional. Attention was paid to my medical needs and questions were readily answered. I felt like a member of a family instead of a patient.


When I first came to this place I was really scared and unsure of what to do. Then my parents told me that I shouldn’t be scared because they know what they are doing because that is what they are trained to do. I am so glad that I am now able to understand everything and everyone here is so good to me. Thanks for everything that you all do for me.


I love MK Orthodontics. I am so glad that I got my braces here, I wouldn’t like it anywhere else. During my appointments I feel so ... comfortable. I have a connection to every single person in the office. : ) I only trust them. If I had to go to a different orthodontist I wouldn’t trust them to put metal tools in my mouth. I don’t even like MK to put tools in my mouth. But I feel safe with them. I love the contests and the way they do all the fun things around holidays. I also love how they listen to you. If I ask them what they are doing they tell me exactly what. If I ask, ‘is is gonna hurt?’ they don’t lie. I just love it here : ) Plus, the offices in Augusta AND Waterville are adorable. I would recommend going to MK Orthodontics definitely!


At MK Orthodontics everyone is happy, friendly, and very thoughtful of your personal needs. They have a waiting room filled with entertaining things to play with; although with them you don’t need to wait long, and the service is outstanding.


No one in our family has ever looked forward to going to any type of doctor ... until we started going to MK Orthodontics. Every single person in the office is not only professional, but also genuine, warm, and caring. They all take time to truly get to know their patients and the patients’ families. The waiting room with iPads and free cookie bar are great highlights as well. But nothing beats the personable staff and MK herself. I would recommend MK Orthodontics to anyone — young or not-so-young. I guarantee that you will be 100% happy with your choice!


What a great experience from the very first visit until the last. Everyone is so nice and the office is so much fun. The one office my kids don't dread going to. I would highly recommend you to others and I have!


MK ORTHODONTICS offered us a great experience. The office staff is friendly and outgoing, the atmosphere relaxed and technologically savvy. MK is AWESOME, we could not have found a sweeter orthodontist to work with. Her bedside manner is top-notch and her methods are advanced and cutting edge. We would highly recommend MK ORTHODONTICS.


Although MK Orthodontics is a 67-mile round trip for us, it is always a pleasure to walk through the door and find friendly, smiling faces to greet us. Their appointments are always kept on time and accommodations for Alyssa's wheelchair have never been an issue. Let's not forget the most beautiful smile I've ever seen! A true gem of a company!