Kate's Braces: Update 8

“Since we’ve last spoken, I had a cleaning at Evergreen Dental. Wes was my hygienist and I was checked for cavities and a healthy mouth by Dr. Harper. NO CAVITIES! Which is always good, and I was complimented on healthy oral hygiene which is also, always fantastic. My teeth are now straight, and we are working on bite settling- which is certainty the most frustrating, but the most important. Bite settling is basically when you look at a smile, and there are no black spaces- all the teeth fit together like a puzzle. This helps the bite to be stable and the results to be long lasting. I still have a small over jet which is how far away my upper teeth sit away from my lower teeth. We are working to correct that by doing the IPR, and using an elastic chain to close spaces. Overall, I am super happy with my treatment.  I am 8 months in for a 14-18 month treatment plan and I would dare say I should be done closer to the 14 month mark. Not that I would be overly saddened if it was longer! :-)”

-Kate, MK Orthodontics