Lynsie's Braces: Update 4

“Hi everyone! It has been 8 months since I got my braces on! Since my last update I’ve had 3 appointments: I got a set of new wires to widen my arches to compensate for my crossbite. Once that was fixed, Dr. Kleinlerer needed to adjust my bite so it was more comfortable for me. She used red paper that I had to bite up and down on to mark where I was hitting, then she used a handpiece and bur to remove a small amount of tooth surface. When she was done my bite felt a lot more comfortable! My last visit was to correct my midlines (midlines are where your two front middle teeth contact). Currently my lower midline is left of my upper, so we’re just using elastic chain to move it to the right which is giving me quite a large space between my lower central teeth! 🙂 I can see the end in sight!”

-Lynsie, MK Orthodontics